Things You Need to Do if You Visit Komodo Island

Komodo Island is one nice island that you can visit in Indonesia. The main attraction of this island is the giant komodo lizard. For your information, komodo is considered as the biggest living lizard in this word since the size of komodo can easily reach 10 feet or more and that is one reason why people visit Komodo Island. For your information, besides taking the pictures of the biggest living lizard in the world, there are also some other nice things that you need to do if you are visiting this island. Here are some of those things that you should not forget to do.

  • The first one is hiking on the top of Padar Island. This island is considered as something nice where you can see the beauty of nature. That is because this island is considerably big but you can still walk on your foot just to discover the whole part of this island. This island also has the high spots where you can take a picture of the whole island in one.
  • The second thing is swimming with the manta rays. For some people, this kind of thing might be a little bit scary, but if you want to have a kind of thrill, this kind of activity is something that you should try. That is because there are some spots where you can easily find a lot of manta rays around this island.
  • The third thing is diving and taking pictures of the beautiful underwater garden of corals. You need to know that near this island, there is an area that is usually called as the coral garden. The spot is not getting the name for no reason. That is because you can find a lot of corals on Komodo Island if you try to dive there. You will be glad knowing that there are a lot of species of corals that are properly taken care of.
  • The next thing that you can try is sunbathing on the sandy pink beach. Yes, the color of the sand is pink. If you think that the white sand attracts your attention a lot, then you will need to try having the sunbath on this sandy pink beach. The beauty of the pink sand and the combination of the nice ocean view is something that you will surely love when you are sunbathing.

Those are some other things that you might be interested to do if you are visiting this island. For your information, it is true that watching komodo in Komodo Island is the main thing that many people do when they visit this island. Even though, that does not mean that you cannot find many other attractive parts of this island. That is because there are actually some other nice spots that you can visit and so many things that you can do on those spots. You just need to travel a little bit and discover the whole beauties that you can find on this island.