The Dangers of Using Oral Stanozolol

Stanozolol is the generic name for Winstrol in America and Stromba in Europe. It is a synthetic steroid with anabolic and androgenic properties. Its manufacturing started as early as the 1960s. It is a non-injectable steroid and is taken orally.

Estanozolol oral focuses more on energy building rather than body building. It doesn’t make the body looked bulky nor does it put on mass on the muscles. It is just used to add more energy and strength to the body to enhance the performance of the body. However, Stanozolol is considered a dangerous steroid. It has risks and complications that can be irritating and pretty lethal. Here is a breakdown of the dangerous side of using Stanozolol.

Aggressive Mood

Stanozolol has the ability to affect a person’s mood. The most dangerous of these moods is the aggressiveness. This is due to the irritants Stanozolol has. People in use of Stanozolol are prone to lose their temper and can turn someone to take aggressive actions. Continuous use can lead to the continuous appearance of this bad temper. However, up to now, there is still no proof of which component of the Stanozolol causes the irritable stimulants.


Aside from aggressiveness, Stanozolol can also cause anxiety. This frequent appearance of this mood can make the person feel paranoid. This makes the person unable to trust to his surroundings, therefore, strengthening the aggressive effect. This can also lead to a lack of sleep or insomnia.

Liver and Kidney Dysfunctionality

Stanozolol has properties that allow it to fight off digestive organs to keep its components intact. This, of course, can lead to the intoxication of the liver. Toxins in the liver can disrupt its function and can prevent nutrients to spread out in the body. Stanozolol can affect the kidney by scarring it from the inside. Stanozolol has strong components that the kidney cannot filter and instead will cause scars and implicate pain in the kidney.

Masculinization and Feminization

Stanozolol can also affect the virilization of the human body. Virilization is what differentiates a male gene to a female gene. This steroid can release stimulants that disturb these genes. Feminization occurs on men like breast development. There are also cases of Stanozolol causing a mass production of sperm cells in testes.

In cases of women, masculinization occurs. This may result in the irregular menstrual cycles, enlargement of the clitoris, deepening of voice and cysts forming all over the female genitals. When a woman takes Stanozolol during pregnancy, the fetus will definitely develop abnormally. For example, a female fetus will develop some male genes while the male will develop some female genes.


Lastly, Stanozolol can activate cancerous cells. Even though Stanozolol has mild androgens and anabolics, a little over dosage can already stir up a development of cancer cells. This is the most lethal of Stanozolol’s dangerous effect and also the most preventable.

With all of these dangerous side effects of Stanozolol, you may want to rethink about taking this. There are also plenty of safer steroids out there that can also give you the same impressive good results. Just be sure to keep in touch with your doctor before going on any steroid cycle.