The best Screen Galaxy S9 has

What we find in the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a 5.8-inch screen on a mobile phone that measures exactly 148.9 millimeters. That’s two millimeters shorter in length than the S7 Edge (150.9 mm, 5.5″), almost ten millimeters shorter than the iPhone 7 Plus (158.2 mm, 5.5″) and much less elongated than The Mate 9 (156.9 mm, 5.9 “) In other words, it is a huge screen on the body of a mobile phone that fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. Hope, the magic of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will bloom all over the world containing auspicious appearance with an edge-to-edge display covering 95% Screen to body ratio. Moreover, the 4K AMOLED screen has no words to say, so glaring and glorious, most important thing Samsung manufacturers have taken care for giving us a highly protected device with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

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Now it’s time to give our opinion on the screen of Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 has so much screen in such a small size not only because it incorporates fewer frames than the competition, which of course is true, but because Samsung has used a screen format that until now we had not seen in the market: the 18.5: 9. With the exception of LG, with its 18: 9 screen, virtually no other manufacturer had dared to launch a mobile with a screen whose format was different from the 16: 9 format of a lifetime, at least until the arrival of the new Galaxy S8. There are no official reports on whether the company will go for the same 18.5: 9 aspect ratio or not but the chances are high for this: on the cards.

The screen of the S8 in front of the S7 edge from left to right: S8 (left), S7 Edge with S8 screen (center) and S7 Edge (right). Approximate representation

This difference in format is much more important than it may seem. It is because, as they explained very well in an article in The Verge, this year we will need to use Pythagoras to talk about screen sizes on mobile phones.

The 5.8 inches of the Galaxy S8 is not at all similar to – for example – the 5.7 inches Galaxy A7 (2017) since it is not a mere difference of 0.1 inches, but something that goes beyond that. In fact, it is likely that the Galaxy A7 2017 has the same (or even more) screen surface as the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 is a larger screen by the long, but narrower by the width. And remember that we talk only about the screen, not the design of the phone. So much info about Galaxy S9 screen we have so far and so much is still unknown or unrevealed by the company.

When we talk about “inches”, what we do is define the distance between the lower left corner and the upper right corner of a screen. That distance is the standard that defines the size of a screen, and when all the screens of the mobiles were 16: 9 it was the easiest way to identify the size of a panel. Whatever be the aspect ratio company will bring to Galaxy S9; there is a full surety that company won’t disappoint us, in fact, rejoices us.