Is Berita Terkini A Real Solution For Economic Crisis Of The Low-Income Group?

The world is all gaga about the newly launched BR1M 2017 Malaysia. Pioneered by honorable prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, it is the Government’s best effort to cut down the burdens of pauperized impoverished masses. The Barisan National Government has always gained appreciation for adhering to all poor man’s plights. Well, as they say ‘action strikes louder than words’, bringing Berita Terkini on boards says it all. Although the proposition for this incredible economic reformation program was made and initiated in as early as 2012, amendments for the betterment of the masses has been on a roll since. According to statistics, colossal funds of more than 2.6 billion has been disbursed amongst 5.2 million households. Quite a luring number, isn’t it? Well, the revolutionary new Berita of 2017 promises to aid impoverished families in a greater way. More funds will be handed out along-with perks of greater goods. All this for what? To help the strapped and economically challenged families and rule out the odds of hiked lifestyle expenses.

BR1M or better known as The Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia cannot simply be defined as a financial assistance program. It is indeed a leading-edge step to transform the nation into a profitable economic den. However, what needs to be eyed upon are the pros and cons associated with it. Bear in mind, there is always to sides to a coin. Opting for Berita online allows recipients to get hands on immediate cash. The pickle – nothing gets better than free money. Although the ringgits shelled out does come handy to battle the odds of poverty and extremely high costs of living, it also makes people reluctant to do the needful elbow grind.

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Funds allocated to families flat and out does help them survive the hiked expenditures of living. This on the other hands also raises ratios of domestic consumption. Footing the essential bills are no longer challenging. From food to healthcare, rent and other staple categories, there is undeniably a hike in domestic consumption. Results? SRE’s, i.e. small and medium enterprises that did not do well earlier starts topping the charts.

Looking into the program as a mere cash aid to impoverished Malaysians is not really it! It is a way broader concept casting spells on various crucial wings. For example, implication of government subsidies in matters of treatment in public hospitals, price control on essential food products, free education (at-least primary and secondary), assistance to senior citizens and physically challenged ones and many other. Targeted subsidies when channelized well work wonders for the betterment of societies. There’s no doubt that open subsidies are mostly mishandled and cuts grades for the rich too. Berita Terkini brings out a new scale free market economy that supports innovation but does much to protect the vulnerable from being exploited and abused. Concerns regarding welfare of poor people comes first but ways to initiate lucrative roll outs for corporates and companies in the line of trade are also catered well.

According to the renewed proposal, RM1200 are granted to rakyats with family outturns of less than RM3000 a month. Ones earning RM3000-RM4000 will be aided with RM900 while individuals earning less than RM2000 will be entitled to RM500.